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September 2016

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Chemistry 2/3 (Fic)

Title: Chemistry 2/3
Rating: PG-13 This chapter
Genre: High School AU
Pairing and Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam, Balthazar, Anna (References to past Cas/Crowley)
Spoilers: Nothing really, it's an AU. Just use character names but nothing that would spoil
Warnings: Mentions of past violence (not much though)
Word Count: 4,571 this chapter
Summary:Dean and Sam Winchester have just moved into town. Castiel finds the new kid interesting, but not as much as Dean feels about Castiel.
This Chapter: Dean and Castiel work on their Chemistry and Dean learns a lot about Castiel's past.

Part 1 here :http://pelagia911.livejournal.com/5510.html

“Come on Sam!” Dean yelled out the window of the Impala. He watched his little brother roll his eyes before waving to a couple of classmates and running over. Castiel had taken the backseat, it seemed only fair to let the brothers sit in the front. Sam opened the car door with a squeak and sat with his school bag on his lap.

As Dean started the engine, Sam turned his head to look at Castiel. He raised a small hand, “Hi, I’m Sam.”

Castiel nodded, “Hi Sam. Castiel.” He raised a hand in greeting.

Sam smiled, “Castiel? That’s an unusual name.”

Castiel smiled back. Dean interrupted, “So, Cas and I are going to his house to work on a project for a class.” Sam turned back to face forward and nodded. “Dad should be home later.”

“Okay.” Sam looked out his side window.

“Everything go okay today?”

“Yeah, fine.”

Dean pulled into their driveway and parked the car. Sam opened the door and stepped out. “There should be something in the fridge for you to eat.”

“Alright. See you later.” Sam shut the door behind him.

Dean waited for Sam to unlock the door and step into the house before backing out of the driveway. “Which way we going?”

“Turn right.” Dean turned and a few minutes later they arrived. Both boys entered the house after Dean locked the car.

Dean whistled when he saw the elaborate inside of the large house. “Wow,” he peeked into all the rooms he passed as he followed Castiel to the staircase, “nice place.”

“Yeah,” Castiel looked over his shoulder, “it stays pretty nice when it’s not full of people.” He started up the stairs with Dean following close behind.

Dean looked around and saw nothing out of place or any stray items sitting anywhere. Everything looked clean and new. When they reached Castiel’s room, Dean was not surprised to see an immaculate sight. The small bed was perfectly made and the floor was completely spotless. Dean had been in his room for a whole three days and had more stuff on his floor than the entirety of this house. He smiled, “Man,” he sat at the end of the bed, “if I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t think anybody lives here.”

Castiel set his books on the desk across from his bed and turned on his laptop. “Well, hardly anyone does.”

“You do.”

Castiel chuckled, “Like I said.” He turned to face Dean. “My siblings spend most of their time at other people’s houses. I generally have the house to myself everyday.”

“That sounds awesome.” Dean glanced around the room to see if there was anything sitting out that would tell him something more about Castiel. All he saw were neatly stacked books and folders. The closet was closed. He was almost disappointed.

Castiel was looking through his papers, “Now,” he found what he was looking for, “you can look up these in my textbook since you still don’t have your own.” He handed the sheet to Dean. “While I,” he turned back to his computer, “find us some sources for our report.”

Dean looked at the list and groaned. “So many words.”

Castiel laughed. “I think you can handle it Dean.”

He groaned again. “Can I eat something first? I’m starving.”


“But, it’s been like,” he stopped to think, “four hours since lunch.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “Alright,” he turned, “give me half an hour of work, and then you can eat. Deal?”

“Are you offering food as a reward?” He stood up. “I could just eat now if I wanted.”

Castiel laughed. “First of all, you asked my permission. Second, you’re in my house. And yes, I am offering it as a reward. Is half an hour that long to wait?”

Dean gave a look of defeat. “Fine.” He sat down again and started to lift his leg up.

“But I can assure you,” Castiel’s eyes were wide and his voice had taken a more commanding tone, “you will not eat anything if you even touch my bed with those shoes.” Castiel pointed to Dean’s boots.

Dean dropped his foot and slipped his shoes off. “Jeez, so touchy.” He pulled his now socked feet onto the bed and opened Castiel’s book.

Ten minutes passed and Dean had a total of one word defined. He couldn’t help it. He had tried, but he kept watching Castiel. He watched his fingers fly over the keys, his eyes glowing from the computer’s light, and how he kept chewing on his lip as he read. It must be a habit of his. Dean remembered him chewing his pen and pencil in class. If he had longer nails, he would probably chew them too.

Castiel rubbed his eyes and glanced over to check what Dean was doing and saw him jump and look back down.

“I was just thinking.” Dean waved his hand in dismissal.

“Making any progress over there?” Castiel asked as he looked at the paper lying next to Dean. He knew Dean
wasn’t getting far.

“I’m workin on it.”

“Sure.” Castiel turned back to the computer to hide his smile.

Dean set his book aside and leaned back on his hands. “I talked to Balthazar today.”

“Okay.” Castiel continued to look through articles.

“He seems nice.”

“He is.”

“He invited me to a party tomorrow.”

Castiel nodded. “Good, you’ll make friends there.”

“You should come.”

Castiel chuckled and shook his head. “That’s okay, I have better things to do.”

“Come on,” Dean leaned forward, “it’ll be fun. You should get out a little.” He straightened his legs and moved to the end of the bed. “Go to a party or two, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Castiel stopped typing and turned to look at Dean. “What makes you think I haven’t been to a party?”

“Have you?”

“Yes, and I see no reason to do it again.” They both looked at each other for a moment. Dean had thought Castiel was lying but now he didn’t know. “What did you really talk to Balthazar about?”


“I doubt you brought him up just to invite me to something you knew I wouldn’t go to.” Castiel stared at him like he could pull the answer out with his eyes. He almost could.

“I just asked him about you.”

“About what?”

Dean wasn’t sure how Castiel would react. He talked slowly. “I asked him why you seem to attract attention.”

His eyes narrowed. “What did he say?”

Dean let out a breath. “He told me that some people had given you a hard time a few years ago.” He watched Castiel’s face before he went on. He didn’t want to upset him. “He told me about the locker room incident.”

Castiel closed his eyes. “What did he tell you?”

“Um, that a senior was giving you trouble and you snapped on him and got suspended. He didn’t know all the details. He told me to ask you.”

Blue eyes met his in a hard look. “Do you want to know what happened?”

Dean shrugged, “Only if you want to talk about it.”

Castiel took a breath and turned his chair to face Dean. “Four years ago, a senior in my gym class, Raphael, liked to make it a daily routine to see how far he could push me before the bell rang. It bothered me, but people can say anything they want. They can laugh and point and call me anything. Words don’t mean anything to me. He was just some pretty rich boy who wanted to show off in front of his friends. It wasn’t until he started to physically bully me that I started getting upset.” Castiel looked at the floor and ran a hand through his hair, disheveling it more.

“My brother Gabriel was in the same circle of friends as him and when he found out about it he talked to me. He told me that if I were to respond with something one step worse Raphael would back off. The next day, Raphael started in on me again. I ignored him, but he pushed me. When my back hit the lockers, something in my mind snapped. I grabbed the closest thing, which happened to be a metal bat, and I hit him with everything I had.”

Dean swallowed. He can’t imagine how bad that had to hurt.

“He went down. Someone ran to get the teacher. But, I didn’t stop, I couldn’t. He was unconscious on the floor, but I kept swinging. Most of the younger students ran out. Some of Raphael’s friends tried to stop me, but I got in a few hits before they could pull me back. I honestly thought I killed him.”

Dean waited for Castiel to go on, but he sat and stared at the floor. “But you didn’t, right?”

Castiel shook his head. “No, I did enough damage though.”

“Balthazar said your dad talked to you after?”

“Yeah,” Castiel whispered, “he dragged me home from school after giving them an earful and gave me one.” He changed his voice in what Dean imagined was in impersonation of his dad, “What the Hell is wrong with you, boy? When are you going to grow up? Next year, you’re gonna have to be the responsible one in the house. How can you do that if you do something like this? Now I have to go fix your mess so Anna can have someone here to look after her. If I ever have to come down here again, you’ll be sorry.” Castiel’s face fell into stony stillness.

Now it all made sense. Castiel felt responsible for his family now and failure and trouble were never an option.

“After that day, play time was over. I knew what I had to do. Who I had to be. If I didn’t clean this house, do the laundry, buy the food, my siblings would be lost. It’s not even about my dad anymore, it’s about them. They’re all I have, all that matters.”

Dean felt his heart clench a little. To be responsible for so much and to willingly give up other things for family, earned him a lot of points in Dean’s book.

Castiel’s eyes met Dean’s. “Aren’t you glad you asked?” He gave a tired smile.

Dean nodded and picked up his book and started looking up his words again. Castiel watched him a minute before turning his chair back and continuing his research.

Twenty minutes passed in silence as the two boys worked. Dean then piped up, “It’s been thirty minutes. Ready to eat?”

Castiel laughed. “I don’t care Dean. You can do whatever you want.”

Dean stood up and started out the door. “You want something?”

“Sure, but I don’t think I have anything in the fridge.” Dean gave him an irritated look. “What, I haven’t gone to the store in a while.”

“What am I supposed to eat?” Castiel smiled at the whine in Dean’s voice.

“You have a car dumbass.” Castiel laughed. Dean looked like he was about to say something but thought better of it. “Or we could order something.”

Dean’s face lit up. “Like pizza?”

“Sure, I don’t care.”

“Sweet. Do you know the number?”

“I have some written on the fridge.” Castiel gestured toward the door.

“What kind do you want?”

“Whatever you want. I’ll eat whatever.”

Dean nodded and shuffled out the door. Castiel rubbed his eyes again. He could feel them straining from the reading he had been doing. He needed to let them rest if he wanted to avoid putting on his glasses. He closed his laptop and sighed when he saw his bed sheet. Dean had somehow managed to make the side he sat on rumpled up and a mess.

He was about to fix the sheet when Dean came bouncing back in. “Okay, I got us a large meat lover’s pizza. But of course,” Dean threw himself onto the bed, “now we have to wait about thirty minutes to get it.” He laid back on the bed and sighed.

“Oh God,” Castiel put a hand on his chest, “how will we go on?” Dean laughed. Castiel stood and popped his stiff back. “It does give us more time to work.” Dean groaned. “Oh come on,” Castiel slapped his foot, “it’s not that bad. All you have to do is look up words.”

Dean lifted himself onto his elbows. “If you want to work, knock yourself out.” Dean fell back and crossed his feet and arms.

Castiel sat on the end of the bed beside Dean’s feet. “We can wait till after we eat. My eyes hurt a little anyway.” Dean made an approving noise.

“Hey Cas.”


Dean looked at Castiel’s back. “Why don’t you go to parties?” Castiel sighed. “I mean,” Dean sat up, “I know what happened with your dad changed how you acted but you can still go to a party every once in a while and still be responsible.”

“I just don’t want to.”

“But why?”

Castiel’s back stiffened. “I had my experience at a party Freshman year and I don’t find them very entertaining.”

Dean flipped himself over so he was lying on his stomach and his head was by Castiel. “Tell me about it, maybe I can tell you if you just went to a bad party or if they’re all like that.” He looked up at Castiel. He could see him remembering and a small smile tugged at his lips. A small blush appeared on his face too.

Castiel looked down to see Dean staring at him. He could feel his face getting warm. His eyes traveled up Dean’s back and stopped when he saw his feet resting on his pillow. “Dude,” Castiel leaned over and picked his pillow out from under Dean’s feet, “get your feet off my pillow. I have to sleep on that later.” Castiel smacked Dean with the pillow. Dean tried to cover his face when Castiel hit him again. Dean tried to grab the pillow when Castiel came in again with it. Eventually Dean ended up with it and he hit Castiel once and threw it across the room.

“God,” Dean was laughing, “I feel like a twelve year old girl at a sleepover.” Castiel laughed harder at that. Dean gave a wide smile at Castiel’s face. His eyes were watering with tears. That’s what he had wanted to see. Dean rolled back onto his back and watched Castiel get a hold of himself. “So?”

“So what?”

“Tell me about that party you went to.” Castiel’s face fell a little. “Unless it’s a really bad story like the locker room thing. Then I can just tell you that you just had a bad experience and you should try again.”

Castiel shook his head a little. “It wasn’t anything like that.” He thought for a minute. They had plenty of time for the story. He fell back to lie on the bed, his feet were still on the ground so his head reached around Dean’s knees. He stared at the ceiling as he talked, “I was about Anna’s age. Balthazar had just gotten his license and he wanted to go out and he dragged me along with him. I really had no interest in going. A lot of people at school still treated me weird. It hadn’t even been a year since the locker room thing.”

Dean shifted a little beside him. “I spent most of the night trying to not attract too much attention. Balthazar abandoned me after the first few minutes. I didn’t drink either. I knew there had to be at least one completely sober person for the drive home.

“It was about an hour after we got there when I saw someone that I knew from school. I didn’t know him well, but I was,” Castiel stopped to think of the right word, “shall we say, intrigued by him. His name was Crowley, he was a Senior. I knew he was trouble, everyone did. He would get caught doing a lot of bad things but he always managed to talk his way out of any punishment. He could take the straightest, most well behaved student at the school and talk them into doing almost anything that would get them in trouble.”

“Doesn’t sound like somebody you would like too much.” Dean’s voice sounded so far away from where he was.

“Actually, I liked him a lot.” He could feel the bed shift when Dean lifted his head. Castiel smiled. “I guess opposites attract sometimes. Anyway, I spent a good amount of time watching him at the party. I was too terrified to actually talk to him. But eventually he came to me.”

Castiel smiled at the memory. He let out a nervous laugh. “I was standing in the living room. Most everyone had gone home, but I had no idea where Balthazar was. Crowley came in and grabbed me and pushed me into a little dark corner behind the stairs.” Castiel paused long enough for Dean to wonder if he was done.

Dean sat up. “What happened? What did he do?” He saw Castiel smile and his face get a little red again.
“Do I want to know?”

Castiel shrugged. “He kissed me.” Castiel chuckled lightly. “And said some things.” Castiel looked away from Dean. He wondered why he was telling Dean this. He had never told anyone about Crowley.

Dean pulled his feet closer to him. “What did he say?” His voice had dropped a little.

Castiel closed his eyes and laughed. “I don’t think you want me to tell you. It would feel really weird for me to say them. I mean, just insert some dirty talk when you think about it later.” Castiel looked to see Dean’s reaction to that. He was not let down by the bright red color and open mouth. Castiel laughed again.

Dean shut his mouth gave a weak attempt at acting nonchalant. “I’m not thinking about anything.”

“I believe that.” Castiel smiled at Dean. Dean smacked his arm.

“So, what about that experience made you hate parties?” Dean rubbed the back of his neck and tried to get the image of slamming Cas into a wall out of his mind. “It sounds like a pretty good one to me.”

Castiel shrugged. “It was just strange the next day at school. Even though no one knew what happened between me and Crowley I felt like they all knew. And besides that, the rest of the night I just sat around watching people I didn’t know or didn’t like get drunk and stupid. I really didn’t enjoy it.”

Dean nodded but wasn’t really listening anymore. His stupid brain kept trying to imagine what Crowley had said to Castiel. So many inappropriate things were whizzing through his brain, he kept imagining whispering them to Castiel and the way he would react. He had to mentally slap himself and remind his brain that Castiel was laying on a bed right next to him. Which only made it worse.

Before he did something stupid, Dean practically jumped off the bed and turned away from Castiel. “What’s wrong?” Dean turned and saw Castiel lying on the bed propped up on his elbows. His sex hair that he encouraged, making him look even better and of course those damn blue eyes. If Dean didn’t leave soon, he was going to pounce Castiel and that would make things really awkward.

“Uh,” Dean started taking steps backward to the door, “I think I’m gonna wait downstairs for the pizza. It should be here soon.” When his back hit the door, Dean turned and practically ran down the stairs.

Castiel shook his head and gave a wicked smile. So, Dean was either getting sick or he had a thing for Cas. Castiel laughed and sat up. He had been attracted to Dean the second he saw him in the hallway, but Dean seemed a little freaked about liking another guy. He sure didn’t have a problem flirting with Anna, so Cas needed to help him out a little. He could do that. This was gonna be fun.

The doorbell rang and Castiel heard Dean talking as he came down the stairs. Dean paid the delivery guy and shut the door. Castiel took the box from Dean and made sure to brush his fingers over Dean’s, making him pull his hands back quickly and walk around Castiel to sit on the couch. Castiel smiled to himself, this would be really fun.

“So, are we eating here or in the kitchen or…?” Dean was rubbing his hands.

Usually Castiel never ate in the living room, but for what he had planned the couch would be better. “Here is fine.” He sat the box on the table in front of the couch and opened it. They both picked up a piece and Castiel immediately regretted not getting plates first. Pieces of meat were falling off everywhere, but he always had time to clean that later. He watched Dean practically inhale the first piece and go in for another. He waited for him to have a bite in his mouth before shifting and seemingly to rub his foot up his leg by accident.

Dean felt the foot ride up his jeans a little and almost choked on his pizza. But Castiel seemed to have just moved to sit with his feet under him. It was just an accident, right? He glanced over at Castiel who had a blank, innocent look on his face. What he missed was the smile after he looked away.

When the pizza was gone, Castiel had gone to the kitchen to get a couple towels to try and clean some of the mess on the couch. Dean was sitting really quietly as he did so. After cleaning a little bit, he threw the box away and sat beside Dean and faced him. “What are you thinking about?”

Dean jumped. “Nothing.”

Castiel smiled. “You do a lot of that don’t you?” Dean ran a hand through his short hair and let out a nervous laugh. “Do you want to keep working on our Chemistry?” Castiel laid his arm along the back of the couch behind Dean.

Dean gave him a worried look. “What?” All Dean had running through his mind now was how close Cas was and watching his lips when his tongue came out to swipe them quickly.

“Our project?”

“Oh, right.” Dean laughed.

So cute. “Or if you would rather,” Castiel raised his eyes to lock with Dean’s in a smoldering look. He saw Dean swallow and look back and forth between his eyes and lips. “I could tell you more about that party.” He tilted his head. “Your choice.”

Dean licked his lips and felt his heart race in his chest. Was Cas coming on to him? He jumped when he felt a light brush of fingers on the back of his neck. He took a sharp breath through his nose and felt his heart skip a beat. Usually he was so good in situations like this. Saying some line with a deep southern drawl that made girls go crazy, but he felt completely at a loss right now. Castiel’s eyes held him in place while his whole body screamed at him to move.

Castiel gave a knowing smile. “Do you want to know what he said Dean?” His voice had gotten impossibly lower. Castiel inched closer to Dean. “What he did? What I did?”

Dean was frozen in place watching Cas get closer and closer. He managed to shake his head. “I…” Oh my god, he was actually shaking. Cas tilted his head and looked Dean up and down. Dean felt Cas’ fingers scrape lightly against the back of his neck. Pleasure shot down his spine and made him close his eyes. “Cas,” Dean had barely gotten the name out when their lips crashed together and the fingers on his neck tightened and pulled him closer.

Cas felt Dean turn to jelly in his grip. He smiled into their kiss. He used his free hand to pull Dean’s shirt, moving him closer still. The kiss was hot and rough. Dean finally felt a little in his element and got his hands working again and wrapped them around Cas’ back.

They broke apart for air for a brief moment. Dean opened his eyes for a second and couldn’t see anything past the amazing blue eyes of Cas. They were both blown black with lust now. Cas pushed forward and gave another rough kiss. Dean’s head fell back and landed on the arm of the couch. Cas was now leaning over him and pressed his body down against him. Dean moaned. Dean ran his hands up Cas’ chest and found his dark hair and gripped the black locks tight. Cas growled slightly and bit Dean’s lip.

Dean tried to throw his head back and hit the arm of the couch with a thud. He saw stars for a minute before Cas attacked his mouth again. He felt a jolt of electricity when Cas ran his tongue along his bottom lip. Dean gasped and made it too easy for Cas to take advantage. Dean was getting dizzy from either how good it felt or the lack of oxygen, but he was good either way.

He made a muffled sound against Cas’ mouth and pulled on his hair. Cas got the hint and broke the kiss. They both caught their breath, foreheads touching. Dean laughed, “God, Cas.”

Castiel laughed. “You want me to tell you…”

“No, I don’t think I could take it.” Dean could hardly handle kissing Cas, he couldn’t imagine if he started talking. Dean pulled Cas down for a slower kiss that involved a lot more tongue from both. They fought for dominance as Cas rubbed down on Dean again, making him shiver.

They kissed for a good minute, making it impossible for them to hear the front door opening.

“Oh my God!”

The sound of both of his siblings made Castiel freeze in horror. Both boys shot up and pushed away from each other. Balthazar and Anna were staring at the show they had walked in on.

“Dammit!” Anna stomped her foot and stormed off for the stairs.

Balthazar smiled. “Don’t mind her. You two just,” Balthazar started walking toward the staircase, “carry on. We’re not here.” He winked at Cas before turning to walk up the stairs.

If Cas thought Dean was embarrassed before, he was worse now. He looked like he had seen a ghost. “I’m sorry Dean.” Dean raised a hand and stood up. He turned away and Castiel was scared he was about to run for the door.

Suddenly Dean started laughing. “Dean?” He laughed harder. Castiel stood up and walked up to Dean. “Dean?”

Before Castiel could react, Dean turned and grabbed his face and pulled him into a deep kiss.

When Dean let him go, Cas stumbled back a little. “That was pretty good.” He laughed again.
“You’re not upset?”

With a big smile Dean wrapped an arm around Cas’ waist. “Not if I can do this.” Dean kissed him again and held him tight, causing him to bend back a little at the waist. “I don’t care if they know.”

Castiel smiled and threw his arms around Dean’s neck. “Good.”

Last part:http://pelagia911.livejournal.com/6026.html


Aww..hot and cute. The description of the tidy house makes me want to go and clean something. Is that strange?? LOL. I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends.
Thanks for reading!

Cleaning is always a good thing to want to do. I wish I had a clean room like Cas, but I am definitely more like Dean.
Ha I love it -grins- I think Anna is jealous -smirks- which is good I hate that bitch -l-
Haha, Anna is jealous for sure.

Thanks for reading
That was really cute. I just love Cas in this! Can't wait to read the next chapter. :D
Thanks! :)
Man, you had me going from "Ah, Cas" to "Damn Cas!" in one chapter!

And Cas is such an evil tease!

Poor Anna! She must be so jealous!
Yes! My plan succeeded.

Thanks for the comment.
Castiel's backstory in this fic is intriguing and very original. Me likes!
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.