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September 2016

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Chemistry 3/3 (Fic)

Title: Chemistry 3/3
Rating: R This chapter
Genre: High School AU
Pairing and Characters: Dean/Cas, Balthazar, Anna, Uriel, Ruby, Meg, Michael
Spoilers: Nothing really, it's an AU. Just use character names but nothing that would spoil
Warnings: Maybe a little violence?
Word Count: 3,182 this chapter (~11,700 total)
Summary:Dean and Sam Winchester have just moved into town. Castiel finds the new kid interesting, but not as much as Dean feels about Castiel.
This Chapter: Dean takes Castiel to the party and finds out why Castiel has never wanted to go out before. Michael visits. And they find comfort in each other.

Part 1 here:http://pelagia911.livejournal.com/5510.html
Part 2 here:http://pelagia911.livejournal.com/5833.html

Dean parked the Impala outside the house he had followed Balthazar to for the party. Castiel sighed in the passenger seat. “I can’t believe you talked me into coming here.” Balthazar and Anna walked through the front door while the two boys sat in Dean’s car.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have a good time.” Dean smiled.

“I’m sure.” Castiel shifted nervously in the seat.

“Come on.” Dean put a hand on Castiel’s shoulder and squeezed lightly. Castiel nodded and both boys left Dean’s car to enter the house.

It wasn’t as bad as Castiel had imagined. Dean really did try to help him have a good time. Soon Castiel was laughing and talking with more people from school than he had in years.

As the night wore on, everyone started loosening up even more. Castiel still refused to drink and Dean followed suit to help Castiel not feel left out. “See,” Dean grabbed Castiel’s hand and pulled him close,
“it’s not so bad.” Dean rubbed Castiel’s arms. “Is it?”

“Not so far.” Castiel gave him a small smile. Castiel wanted to get even closer, but he was too aware of everyone else around them. Dean seemed to notice.

“You want to try and find a dark corner somewhere?” Dean leaned in to whisper in Castiel’s ear.

Castiel laughed and pushed Dean away. “Shut up.” Dean laughed. “I’ll be right back.” Castiel needed to use the bathroom and left Dean in the living room talking to a few girls.

Castiel hadn’t been gone for one minute before a few Seniors engaged Dean in conversation. “So, you came with Castiel?” Dean recognized the Senior as Uriel. He was in one of his classes. He also saw two girls he knew as Meg and Ruby.


“You know he’s gay right?” Meg’s voice indicated her imagined superiority over Dean.

“So what if he is?”

“You two just looked a little cozy earlier. We just wanted to warn you that he might misunderstand your intention.” Uriel’s look of disgust made Dean want to punch him.

Dean let out a breath. “Oh, well.” Dean crossed his arms. “Good thing we already understand each other.”

“Are you two already,” Ruby spoke up from Meg’s side, “together?”

Dean looked up at the ceiling. “Well, not officially but.” He looked back to Ruby trying really hard not to say everything he wanted to.

“You know he’s dangerous right? Do you know what he did a few years ago? The guy’s crazy.”

“Defending yourself isn’t crazy,” Dean looked at Uriel, “or dangerous unless you’re being a dick.”

Uriel smiled. “How long have you been here?”

“Four days.”

“Then let me give you some advice. Stay away from Castiel.”

Dean felt anger flaring up in his chest. “Or what?”

“Or,” Uriel took a step closer, “you’ll find out what it’s like to be disliked by pretty much everyone.”

“Ohh, I’m terrified.” Dean glared at Uriel. He shook his head. “You know, I see why Cas didn’t want to come to these things.” He looked at all three in turn. “Dicks like you are everywhere.”

“You better watch how you talk to me, boy.” Uriel made his voice sound dangerous to any other person.

“Why? ‘Cause you have an important daddy? You think I’m scared of you?”

“We’re just trying to help you.”

“Oh, is that what you’re doing? Here I thought you were trying to intimidate me.”

Uriel stepped back and looked past Dean with a smile. Dean turned to see Castiel walking up to them.
“Castiel, we were just talking about you.”

Castiel stopped next to Dean. “Hello Uriel.”

“We were just trying to give your friend here some advice.” Ruby stepped up looked Castiel up and down in disapproval.

“I don’t really need any advice, thanks.” Dean was one step away from losing it.

“Dean.” Castiel put a hand on Dean’s arm.

“Don’t get all worked up sweetie. We don’t want your boyfriend to snap again.” Meg’s voice made Dean’s skin crawl. “How did that anger management go Castiel?”

Uriel chuckled. “Too good probably. Now he’s a little too happy.”

“Downright gay.” Ruby laughed with Uriel.

“You know what,” Dean took a step forward, his jacket pulling in Castiel’s grip. Castiel saw a small group forming to watch. “Go screw yourself!”

“Dean, calm down.” Castiel pulled him back.

“Yeah Dean,” Meg smiled at Dean’s anger, “don’t get your panties in a twist.”

“Shut up, bitch.” Dean felt a strong urge to hit her too, even if she was a girl.

The three laughed at Dean’s irritation. Castiel stepped in front of him, trying to avoid a fight. “Let’s all just relax. I’m sure nobody wants a fight.”

“Please,” Ruby tossed her long blonde hair, “if anyone wanted a fight it would be you.”

Castiel shook his head. “No, I don’t want a fight.”

“Well,” Uriel invaded Castiel’s space, “that’s a first.”

“Just shut up asshat!”

“Dean, stop.” Castiel watched Uriel to see what he would do. He was way too close though. “Back away from me Uriel.”

“What are gonna do?”

Castiel’s heart was pounding in his ears. “Please, just back off.”

“You think I’m scared of you,” Uriel put a finger on Castiel’s shoulder and pushed, “faggot.”

Castiel heard Dean’s shout, but it was muffled by the sound of Castiel’s heartbeat. In a flash, Castiel grabbed Uriel’s wrist and twisted his arm around. When Uriel cried out and leaned forward, Castiel shot out his left hand and grabbed Uriel’s throat in a choking hold.

Ruby and Meg gasped and stepped away. Uriel was gasping against Castiel’s hold and fell to his knees. Castiel stepped forward and growled through clenched teeth. “Don’t ever touch or insult me.” He leaned forward to whisper to Uriel. “I could destroy you.”

The whole house was silent as everyone watched in shock. The only noise heard was Uriel’s choking and Castiel’s angry breaths. Dean walked up behind Castiel slowly and put his hands on his shoulder. Castiel flinched from the contact. “Cas, let go.” Dean put a hand on his wrist. He pulled lightly on his arm. “Cas.”

Castiel looked at Dean. His eyes were afire with hate and anger. Dean could see how anyone would be scared of that look. But he looked back and let go of Uriel, who fell back in a coughing fit. Dean pulled Castiel outside by his arm. They passed Balthazar and Anna who were quietly staring at the floor. Anna looked scared and close to tears. Balthazar had an arm around her.

When they were outside, Castiel covered his face with his hands. “Cas.”

“Shut up.” Castiel walked away and ran his hands through his hair. He let out a frustrated growl. “This is exactly why I don’t go out!” Castiel picked up a couple glass bottles on the ground and shattered them into
the fence in the yard. He was shaking in anger.

“Cas, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize Dean.” Castiel turned to face him. “This isn’t your fault.”

“I dragged you here.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I was the one getting in a fight with Uriel. You wouldn’t have done any of that if it wasn’t for me.”

“Dean, you’re a friend. I defend my friends.” Castiel sighed. “The few I have.”

Dean looked down at his feet. “Thanks. I’ve never had someone fight for me before.” He smiled up at Castiel. “It was kind of awesome.”

Castiel ran his hands over his face. “Dean, I think there’s something wrong with me.” Dean was about to protest but Castiel kept talking. “I’m always so angry. All the time, I can feel it burning inside. It doesn’t take much, just one little push from someone and I lose it.”

Castiel bit his lip and closed his eyes. “Did you see Anna?” He opened his eyes and Dean saw the beginnings of tears. “She was terrified.” He started walking in circles. “This is why I never wanted her in this. I never wanted her to see me like that.” He stopped and sat on the ground. “Now, I’ll probably have to deal with my dad too.”

Dean sat beside Castiel. “Cas, Uriel is too drunk to remember this tomorrow. He’ll probably wake up with a headache and wonder why his neck hurts.”

“There were plenty of people around to tell him.”

“Yeah, but he won’t tell anyone. If he tried to get the police involved, he would have to tell them about the party and the alcohol. It would cause him more harm than good.” Castiel dropped his head. “You’ll be okay.” Dean rubbed Castiel’s shoulders.

“Take me home. I don’t want to be here.” Castiel’s voice had gotten quiet and flat, Dean would almost say scared if he didn’t know differently.

Dean nodded. “Okay.” Dean stood up. “Come on.” Castiel stood and followed Dean around the side of the house to his car and they left the house behind them.

The drive was quiet. Castiel stared out the side window, not moving a muscle. It was more frightening to Dean than the sight of a hysterical Cas.

When they reached the house, both boys walked through the door and were passing the kitchen when someone walked out and intercepted them. Castiel froze.

“Hey Castiel.” The boy looked about in his mid twenties with short dark hair and blue eyes. Dean could see the family resemblance.

“Michael, when did you get here?” Castiel’s body had completely frozen.

“Not too long ago.” Michael crossed his arms and leaned against the kitchen doorway. “Where have you been?” Dean didn’t miss the accusing tone in his voice.

Castiel clenched his jaw. “Out.”

“What does that mean? I thought you didn’t go ‘out.’”

“Well,” Castiel gave a fake smile, “I did today.”

Michael nodded. “Sure,” he pushed himself off the wall and stepped past Castiel to the living room. “Where are Balthazar and Anna?”

“Out.” Castiel turned to watch Michael inspect the other room.

He stopped to look back at Castiel. “You think that’s a good idea? Leaving Anna in Balthazar’s watch?”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “He’s a better guy than you think.”

Michael chuckled. “Okay, if you say so.” He made a full circle of the room as he talked. “Dad sent me over to make sure everything was okay. You know, clean, in one piece, everyone was still alive.”

“Dad sent you? How is he?” Castiel took a couple steps closer to his older brother. “After four years of complete silence, I was beginning to wonder if he was dead.” Michael gave him a sharp look. “But then, I guess, somebody here would notice if that happened. Bills would go unpaid, stuff like that.”

Dean backed away a little as the two brothers glared at each other from across the room. He knew better than to get into a family fight.

“’Cause I know,” Castiel continued with bitterness clear in his voice, “that’s all he really is anymore. The one who sends the money.”

“You better watch it Castiel.” Michael gave a warning look but his voice stayed calm. “He does more for you than you know.”

Castiel laughed. “You would know.” Castiel took a deep breath. “You want to know who’s really acting like a father here?” When Michael stayed silent, Castiel went on. “Me. I take care of this house, I buy all the food, I do the laundry, I make sure everyone gets to school,” Castiel started walking closer to Michael, “and I have practically raised Anna. Even when Dad was here, I was always the one to look out for her. She always came to me when she had a question or a problem. So, who’s the parent in this house Michael?”

They were face to face now. Both looked tense and ready to fight and yet they stayed so calm. There voices were quiet and neither one looked like they would actually take a swing. Dean thought it was weird. At his house, they yelled a lot but an hour later everyone was laughing and had moved on. It seemed like the quiet fighting here was always about so much more than what was going on at that moment.

“Why doesn’t Dad ever send Gabriel?” Castiel crossed his arms and took a step back. “At least we could have some fun and laugh.”

Michael looked confused. “You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

Michael gave a bitter laugh and smile. “We don’t even know where Gabriel is. About a year ago, he dropped out of school and disappeared.”

Castiel looked confused now. But then he smiled. “At least someone got away. Good for him.”

Michael looked pissed. “Well, everything seems fine here. I’ll get out of your way.” Without another word, Michael brushed past Castiel and out the door. Castiel let out a breath and seemed to deflate before laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Dean left his spot on the wall. “That was intense, man.”

“Gabriel is missing.” He laughed again.

“I don’t really see the humor here.”

Castiel smiled at Dean. “I talked to Gabriel a few days ago.” Dean raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t know he was playing hide and seek with Michael.” Both boys laughed.

“So,” Dean looked around the room, “what do you want to do?”

“Follow me.” Castiel motioned for him to follow as he walked by him and started up the stairs.
Dean fell in step right behind him. They walked to Castiel’s room. He walked in first. Dean had just cleared the doorway when the door was slammed behind him and he felt a hand push him into the door. Before he could make a surprised noise, Castiel’s lips pressed into his. Dean felt Castiel push his whole body into him. He moaned at the surprise attack.

Castiel braced himself with a hand on either side of Dean’s head. He felt Dean try to move under him and pressed against him harder to keep him still. Dean made a noise against him. Castiel sucked and bit at Dean’s full lips and felt Dean’s hands land on his hips and dig his nails into his jeans. Dean pulled on his pants to bring him impossibly closer.

Castiel broke their kiss and rested his head on the door on the left of Dean’s head. He felt Dean’s shaky breathing on his neck. His breath hitched and he kissed Dean’s neck. He grinded his hips into Dean and bit at his jaw and ear.

Dean grunted. Castiel’s right hand left the door and moved down Dean’s chest. When he reached Dean’s hip, he pushed his fingers under his shirt and ran his nails over the tight muscles there. “Cas.” Dean’s voice was a raspy sigh. All brain function had completely escaped Dean. Last night they had made out a lot before Cas demanded they work on their project. Dean had fallen asleep next to Cas on his bed, he had never fallen asleep next to another guy before. Not on a bed anyway. But even his memory stopped working when Cas started talking.

“Dean,” Castiel whispered his name as he bit his earlobe. “This is what happened with Crowley.” Nails ran around Dean’s waist. He shivered when Cas pushed closer and ran his nails up his back. Dean arched into him. His breaths coming in hard huffs. “After pushing me into the wall and kissing me, he did what I’m doing now.” His breath was a hot brush against Dean’s neck.

“He told me that he had seen me watching him.” Castiel shifted to Dean’s other side. He lowered his voice. “You think you can stare at me with those angel eyes all night and get away with it?” Dean’s eyes fell shut. Castiel kissed Dean’s lips again. Dean’s hand felt numb as he helplessly held on to Castiel’s jeans.

Castiel said the next words against Dean’s lips, brushing together with every word, “I’m gonna enjoy staining your purity, angel.” Castiel smiled at the noise Dean made. “And he did Dean. We didn’t just kiss in that corner.”

“Fuck, Cas.” Dean’s head fell back into the door.

Castiel kept his hips moving against Dean, both boys feeling the heat rising inside. Castiel weaved his fingers through Dean’s hair. “Say that again Dean. I like hearing you say that.” Castiel nuzzled Dean’s neck before licking a line up to his ear.

“Fuck!” Dean could feel his whole body shaking.

Castiel brought his free hand down to the front of Dean’s jeans and rubbed at the warmth and hardness he found there. Dean let out a loud moan that made Castiel’s heart jump. Dean’s grip tightened on Castiel. Castiel found Dean’s lips in a fiery kiss. Both of them moved against each other and felt pleasure coil up inside them.

Castiel then broke the kiss and put a small distance between him and Dean. Dean felt cold from the sudden loss. Dean watched as Cas pushed his shirt up to his armpits. He thought he was trying to take off his shirt, but Cas stopped and instead leaned in and kissed his chest. Dean let out a whispered curse again and looked down to see Cas look up at him and lick a line of fire from his jeans to his shirt.

Dean’s head hit the door again. He had to be getting a concussion. He brought a hand down to the front of his jeans to take up what Cas had stopped. After a couple seconds, Cas noticed what he was doing.
“No, no, no,” Castiel grabbed Dean’s wrist and roughly pinned his arm above his head, “none of that.” He growled into his ear, “I have binds and I will use them.”

Dean let out what others might call a squeak and a chuckle. “I’ll bet you do, you kinky son of a bitch.”
Castiel pressed fully against Dean again, leaving his shirt hiked up. Dean liked the feel of skin against shirt. He also liked how Cas was unabashedly thrusting his hips into him. Castiel kissed him again. They moved together and kissed, pulling at hair, giving bites, and moaning.

What seemed like too soon, Dean could feel his climax coming. He wrapped his arms around Cas and held him tight as he felt his insides snap. With a moan of Castiel’s name, Dean came with enough force to see stars for a few seconds. Castiel stilled in his grip and grunted as he followed Dean. He rested his head on Dean’s shoulder while they both tried to catch their breath. Minutes passed and both boys felt more and more tired from their release. Castiel gently pulled Dean’s shirt back down and gave him a light kiss.

Both of them knew they would have to face a lot when they went back to school on Monday. A majority of the student body would know about what Cas had done to Uriel, but this time Cas wouldn’t be alone. Dean would be right beside him this time. Castiel had a feeling a lot of things would be better now thanks to Dean and he had Chemistry class to thank for it.

The End

Story continued with a short following chapter here: http://pelagia911.livejournal.com/6287.html


Ah! Poor Cas! But he stood his ground for Dean and showed he's no one's bitch.

And Yum! Cas is just so kinky!
Whew, I was worried for a moment but it ended well. :) This was a really great story; thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked it.

Kinky!Cas is super sexy~

I love when people play on his badass side instead of always making him this super innocent awkward nerd (even though it IS adorable hehe)

Great piece!! :3
Yes! I love BAMF Cas. That's how I always see him.
Thanks for reading.

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