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September 2016

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Chemistry 1/3

Title: Chemistry 1/3
Rating: G This chapter
Genre: High School AU
Pairing and Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam, Balthazar, Anna
Spoilers: Nothing really, it's an AU. Just use character names but nothing that would spoil
Warnings: None really
Word Count: 3,958 this chapter.
Summary:Dean and Sam Winchester have just moved into town. Castiel finds the new kid interesting, but not as much as Dean feels about Castiel.
This Chapter: Castiel meets Dean and is partnered with him in Chemistry. Dean thinks he has Castiel figured out, but is surprised when he learns more about the quiet boy.

Castiel leaned back and stretched. The old wooden chair creaked slightly. He rubbed his eyes. After spending the last half hour reading, his eyes felt a little tired. He just really didn’t want to put on his glasses. Castiel glanced around the library as he closed his Literature book and slipped it into his backpack. He was one of four students in the library. Giving in to his tired eyes, Castiel slipped on his black framed glasses.

He opened his math book and grabbed his pencil when movement caught his eye. A couple students were walking into the front office. The older one looked Castiel’s age. The younger one, who he assumed was the little brother, barely looked old enough to be a student in the Jr./Sr. High School. While the older brother, who was wearing a dark leather jacket, talked to the secretary, the younger one looked out the office windows and took in the surroundings.

After the secretary handed them what he assumed were their schedules, the older brother turned and opened the door for his brother to walk through. The smaller boy took the paper offered by his brother and took off down the hallway, his backpack looking a little too big for him to carry. Castiel watched the older boy. He made no move to follow his brother and head to class. He looked just slightly taller than Castiel but was much more built. Cas wasn’t a wimp but he wouldn’t intimidate anyone with his size.

He wasn’t like his brother Michael or Gabriel for that matter. Those two were jocks that won a lot of friends while they were in high school. Balthazar was popular too, but for different reasons and Anna of course was friends with just about everybody. Cas had friends too, but he didn’t really go to parties or participate in sports. He preferred the quiet of being home with maybe one or two close friends.

The boy seemed to feel Castiel’s stare and turned, immediately locking eyes with him. Castiel wanted to look away to seem less like some creep, but he couldn’t look away. The boy smirked before walking down the hall and out of Castiel’s view. Warmth spread across Castiel’s cheeks, he couldn’t believe he was blushing over some stranger’s stare. He shook his head and brought his attention back to his homework.

Castiel walked down the school’s hallway trying to avoid bouncing off of too many of the students that crowded the halls. He was almost to his last class of the day when Balthazar appeared next to him and hooked his right arm around his shoulders. “Hey Cassie,” Balthazar walked with his brother, Castiel was amazed how the hall cleared a little more when Balthazar was with him, “I just wanted to tell you not to worry about waiting up for me. Big party tonight and you know me, I can never pass up a good party. Besides I think I have a good chance with one of the cheerleaders, um Katy, Karen…”


“Right, yeah.”

“Don’t worry Balthazar.” The boys stopped outside the Chemistry room. “I never wait up for you. I’m not dad, or Michael.”

“Just thought I would let you know. I’m pretty sure Anna will be there too.”

Castiel nodded. He hated when his 15 year old sister went out to parties, but he knew there was no way to stop her. “Okay. Keep an eye on her for me alright?”

Balthazar was waving at a couple friends down the hallway. “Sure thing Cassie. Have fun in class.” After a quick slap on the butt, Balthazar was jogging toward his friends. Most likely to cut class and head out early for the party.

Castiel took his seat in the second row and set his books on the floor beside his chair. He really hoped Anna wasn’t going to follow their older brother’s example and become popular with her party habits and slack off school. He was unconsciously chewing on his pen while he waited for the rest of the class to file in before the tardy bell. Mr. Fleener was about to begin the lecture when another student walked in. Castiel almost bit through his pen when he saw the boy in the leather jacket walk to the teacher’s desk.

He handed the teacher a paper before Mr. Fleener moved to his side and announced, “Class, we have a new student. Dean Winchester will be joining us.” He looked at Dean. “So Dean, where did you move in from?”

“Kansas.” The low, gravelly tone of his voice had Castiel chewing on his pen again. Castiel could see the girls in the class sitting at attention and openly staring at Dean. Dean noticed the looks and ran his eyes across the room with a smirk. His eyes stopped when they met Castiel’s.

Castiel felt his heart skip from the look he was getting from Dean. His pen slipped from his lips and fell out of his loose hold and tumbled to the floor. Feeling a little embarrassed, he ducked down and retrieved his pen. When he sat up, Mr. Fleener was talking again.

“Well, lucky for you one of the students dropped the class last week so you will be paired up with her old partner.” Castiel felt his heart race as Mr. Fleener pointed to him. “Castiel will be your lab partner for the labs each week. You can go take your seat next to your partner.”

Castiel could feel the hate glares from a few of the girls who had obviously wanted Dean as their partner. Dean nodded and walked to the open seat on Castiel’s left. Castiel looked up as Dean pulled the chair out, he was watching him with a small smile. Castiel smiled back and nodded. Mr. Fleener’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Castiel, since Dean doesn’t have his book yet you two can share until I can get his book for him.”
Castiel nodded as he turned around to write notes on the board. Castiel picked his textbook off the floor and opened it to the current chapter they were on. Dean slid his chair closer to Castiel and ended up a little closer than was necessary because it was obvious Dean wasn’t going to read the text. He leaned back in his chair and spread his hands and arms out in front of him.

Castiel made a good effort to not watch Dean, but he couldn’t help but watch the boy’s hands as they played absently with the corner of the textbook page and tapped on the table. To avoid biting his lip, Castiel started chewing his pen again and tried to keep his eyes on the notebook in front of him. As Mr. Fleener started to talk, Castiel saw Dean move beside him right before Dean’s low voice whispered to him.

“You know,” Castiel jumped slightly, “you don’t need to worry about sharing your book. I really couldn’t care any less about this class.”

Castiel turned to face Dean and was met with the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. His voice was a little shaky when he finally did respond, “Well, just pretend to read it than or we’re going to get in trouble.”

Dean gave a toothy grin. He dropped his voice even more so Castiel had to lean in slightly to hear him, “I don’t mind a little trouble.” Dean looked Castiel up and down before locking eyes again.

Castiel raised his eyebrows, “Well, I do.” Castiel broke their eye contact and started writing down the notes from the board. He heard a light scrape as Dean moved his chair a little closer to Castiel and pulled the book a little closer as if to see it better. As Castiel wrote he asked quietly, “If you don’t want to take this class, why are you?”

Dean stared straight ahead, “It was the only one that fit my schedule that I could take.” He looked at Castiel, “Believe me I would rather be anywhere else.”

“Well, if you fail this class you’ll have to drop it anyway.” Castiel was trying to hear what Mr. Fleener was saying but Dean wouldn’t let him.

“You think I’ll fail?”

Castiel rolled his eyes and faced Dean. “Dean,” Castiel glanced back to make sure the teacher didn’t notice him talking. Once safe he leaned closer to Dean, “no offense but you don’t seem like the intellectual type.”
Dean smiled slightly and licked his lips. “No, but I seem to have a pretty smart partner.” Dean’s eyes lowered to rest on Castiel’s lips. “You won’t let me fail,” they locked eyes again, “will you?”

Castiel narrowed his eyes. “You will do your share of the work Dean. There is no way I’m letting you off easy.” Dean’s smile irritated Castiel. Did he not think Castiel was serious?

“I’m sure.”

“Dean Winchester.” Mr. Fleener’s voice sent a sense of dread through Castiel. Both boys looked at the teacher standing with his arms crossed.

“Yes?” Dean asked as casually as if he wasn’t being called out for not paying attention.

“Do you have the answer to my question?” Mr. Fleener’s tone implied he already knew the answer.

Dean leaned back in his seat and smiled. “Sorry, I have no idea.”

Mr. Fleener nodded knowingly. He turned to look at Castiel. “How about you Castiel?” Castiel felt his face grow warm. He looked down at his notebook. “Now, if you two are done I’ll continue with the lesson.” He started back with Chemistry and Castiel could hear snickering from a few of the students in the class.

Castiel closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He spent the rest of the class glaring at his notebook and ignoring the looks he was getting from Dean. He really didn’t need to make any trouble in class. When the bell rang, Castiel stood quickly and ignored Dean as he brushed past him and out the door.

Ten minutes later, he was leaving out the back door and started his walk home. He normally got a ride from Balthazar but with the party, Castiel knew he was already long gone. His phone vibrated in his pocket. He had a text from Anna telling him that she was going to the party with a few friends. He texted back with “ok make sure to keep an eye on Balth for me.” A couple seconds later she responded with an animated smiley face. He laughed softly. Anna had no business being at that party but Balthazar would watch over her. No matter how drunk he was or how aloof he seemed Balthazar would fight anyone tooth and nail to protect his baby sister.

Castiel unlocked the front door to his two-story house. He laid his books on the table in the kitchen and searched the fridge for something to cook. When he found nothing new, he sighed and pulled out some leftover burgers he had made the day before.

The next day Castiel was just settling in to his seat at a table in the cafeteria when a familiar figure loudly sat himself across from him. Dean had what had to be at least two helpings of everything on his small tray. Castiel was amazed none of it had spilled over the sides yet. “How did you get so much food?”

Dean smiled. “You know how to talk to people, you can get anything you want.” Dean winked. Castiel raised his eyebrows.

“So,” Castiel picked up a fork, “you think just because we’re partners in Chemistry we’re suddenly friends?” He stabbed a few pieces of corn and brought them to his mouth.

Dean shrugged. “I don’t know that many people yet.” Dean took his spoon and started scooping his corn onto his mashed potatoes. “The only other person I’ve talked to more than you was this senior in my gym class.”
Dean stirred his mix together before overloading his spoon and somehow managing to fit the whole pile into his mouth. Castiel was definitely staring. He wasn’t sure if from disgust or amazement. Dean noticed his look. “What?”

Castiel raised an eyebrow. “You want a shovel?”

Dean seemed to contemplate the question. “If you got one on ya.” He smiled before taking another mouthful. Castiel shook his head.

Dean looked up suddenly and reached behind him as a small boy walked past him. Castiel recognized him as the boy that came in with Dean yesterday. “Hey, Sammy,” Dean grabbed his milk and held it out for the other boy, “here.” Sam took it with a small smile and a quick thanks. Dean smiled and ruffled the smaller boy’s hair before he hoisted his backpack on his shoulder a little more and walked off. “Squirt needs all the milk he can get.” Dean pulled a Pepsi can out of his bag and put it on the table. “I got my own drink anyway.”

“That your brother?”

Dean nodded, “Yeah, Sam. He’s in seventh grade. Smarter than me though.”

Castiel smiled at the affection in his voice. “You have any other siblings?”

“Nope, just me and Sammy.” Dean opened his soda and took a long drink. He set the drink back on the table.
“Our dad moved us here for his job. I guess it’s for good this time since he’s actually renting a house.”

“Did you move around a lot before?”

“Oh yeah. Last year I was in a different school every month.” Dean’s voice sounded neutral about it but Castiel saw something different in his eyes.

“That must have been hard.” Dean looked up like he had forgotten Castiel was there. “Making friends and then leaving them.”

Dean frowned, “No, it wasn’t so bad.” He seemed uncomfortable, “So, what about you? You have siblings?”



Before Castiel could say another word, he felt hands rubbing through his hair and lips pressing against his cheek in a sloppy kiss. The look of surprise on Dean’s face made him smile.

“Hey nerd.” Anna made a nice mess of her brother’s hair before sitting next to him.

“Hello Anna.” Castiel tried to smooth his hair down. “What can I do for you?”

“Well…” Anna glanced across the table and stopped when she saw Dean. She giggled nervously and smiled. “Hi. Cas, who’s your friend?”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “Anna, this is Dean Winchester. Dean, this is my sister Anna.”

Dean raised his eyebrows, “Your sister?” Castiel nodded.

“Why haven’t I seen you before?” Anna leaned on the table resting her head on hand.

“I just moved here yesterday.” Dean smiled. “I’m always looking to meet new people. Make new friends.”

Castiel watched the two of them stare at each other a minute before clearing his throat. “So, did you have something to tell me?”

Anna seemed to break out of a trance. “Oh, right,” she laughed, “Balthazar told me to tell you that Michael is coming home this weekend to check on stuff. Just so you aren’t surprised.” She slid off her chair and waved at Dean. “See you around.” She gave Castiel’s hair another ruffling before walking off to join her friends.

Castiel huffed and tried to smooth his hair down again. “She knows how much I hate that.”

“Leave it,” Dean was watching his hands, “it looks better like that.” Castiel’s hands stopped. “Kind of like you just rolled out of bed after having sex hair.” Dean gave a lopsided grin. “It looks good.” Castiel dropped his hands. “So, I’m guessing Michael is the big brother?”


“What’s his problem?”

“What do you mean?”

Dean laughed. “Come on, you somehow managed to turn whiter at the mention of his name. Is he a jerk or something?”

Castiel shook his head. “No, he’s just the oldest. After our dad left, he had to kind of raise all of us by himself.”

Dean nodded, “I know how that is. I’ve practically raised Sam alone too.” Dean then remembered something, “Wait, did she say Balthazar?” Castiel nodded. “Balthazar is your brother?” Castiel nodded again. “Really?! Wow, first it’s hotty Anna…”

“Hey, she’s a Freshman Dean, back off.”

“Then Balthazar is your brother? Did the family genes miss you or something?”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, the two of them I could see being related but you,” Dean tilted his head, “you just seem so different.”

Castiel laid down his fork. “Is that a bad thing?”

“No, just different.”

“There is nothing wrong with being smart and not going to parties every night.” Castiel leaned toward Dean a little. “And I’m not that different than my siblings. You just don’t know me well enough.”

“If you say so.” Dean looked up and down the table. “So, did you notice how nobody is sitting within five seats of us on either side?”

Castiel looked at his food and clenched his jaw. “There’s a reason for that.” Dean furrowed his brows. “If you want to be popular Dean,” Castiel looked up with hard eyes, “I suggest you get different company.”

Castiel stood up and left the table.

Dean watched Castiel leave his tray and walk out of the cafeteria. He noticed how many of the older students watched him and whispered to each other. Some were laughing and others looked scared. Now he was intrigued.

After gym class, Dean was changing in the locker room and decided to find out what Castiel’s story was. He walked over to the senior who had invited him to the party on Saturday, who he now knew was Balthazar. “Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Balthazar slipped his shirt over his head.

“I was wondering about Castiel.”

Balthazar threw his gym clothes into his locker. “What about him?” He closed his locker and turned to face Dean.

“What’s his deal?”

Balthazar looked confused. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well I was having lunch with him today and I couldn’t help but notice how everyone else was watching him.”

The older boy nodded. “I think you should ask him about that.”

Dean raised his hands and shook his head. “No, I just mentioned how no one was sitting by us and he left. I don’t want to piss him off.”

Balthazar smiled. “Are you scared of him?”

“No, I just want to know.”

Balthazar licked his lips. “Okay,” he looked to see if anyone else was in earshot, “sit.” He moved to straddle the bench beside them. Dean sat in front of him. “My brother has had a hard time. About four years ago, some of the seniors here were giving him a hard time. Castiel has always been a target for bullies. He was small, smart, wore glasses and was quiet. Most of the time he just ignored them and he never talked about it at home. But when our brother Gabriel, who was a senior at the time, heard about it he asked Castiel about it. He told him not to put up with it anymore.” Balthazar sighed and looked at the bench. “I’m not sure what exactly happened, but from what others have told me Castiel was pushed a little too far and snapped on a senior. He almost killed him.”

Dean was shocked. He couldn’t see Castiel being that violent, but then again he really didn’t know him.

“After that, nobody talked to him. He was suspended for a while. He should have been expelled, but our dad come over and gave the school an earful.” Balthazar gave a bitter laugh. “That was actually the first time we had seen him in almost a year, and the last time he’s been here.” Balthazar shook his head. “I don’t know what he said to Cas, but he changed after that. The little brother I knew, the fighter, was buried after that. I’m sure he could pull it out if he wanted to, but I think he’s scared. Scared of himself.”

That was definitely not what he was expecting. Castiel didn’t seem violent at all. “Well, I wanted to know. Thanks.” Balthazar nodded as Dean stood up. The bell rang and Dean walked with Balthazar out of the locker room. Dean was going to ask Castiel about this.

It was Friday, which meant lab day in Chemistry. Dean and Castiel were leaning over a beaker which contained some kind of chemical, Dean wasn’t really paying attention. He was watching Castiel write in answers on their worksheet. He was slightly proud that he had listened and kept his hair a mess like his sister had done to him. Castiel looked up with the end of his pencil in his mouth. Dean felt like those huge blue eyes pierced into his soul.

Castiel pulled the pencil from his lips. “What?”

Dean shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Measure out two milliliters of chloride and pour it into the beaker.” Castiel read off of the sheet. When Dean stood still and continued to watch him, Castiel stood up straight and said, “That was directed at you Dean.”

“Oh,” Dean reached out for a bottle, “right, sorry.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Dean popped open the bottle without looking at it. He was about to pour some out when Castiel grabbed his wrist. Castiel pointed to the label with his pencil. Dean read it. It was Sodium. Dean put the bottle back and picked up the right one.

Castiel watched Dean pour the liquid into the beaker. He had been acting weird. Castiel had noticed him giving him strange looks when he was writing. “Do I have something on my face or clothes Dean?”

Dean looked up. “No, why?”

“Because you’ve been looking at me like I have food on my face since class started.”

Mr. Fleener interrupted Dean’s response, “Before class ends, I want to pass out your next group project. You and your lab partner will have a week to do a small research report and write a short paper on the subject I’m about to give you. It will all relate to the material you will be tested on in a couple weeks.” Mr. Fleener handed them the outlines and deadlines sheet. “You and your partner will be graded equally, but evaluations will be given out so don’t be afraid to tell me if your partner deserves a lower grade.”

Dean sighed. “God, I’ve been here two days and I already have a group project.”

Castiel was reading over the sheet. It seemed easy enough. “You know, if we started this tonight we could be done by Monday.”

Dean’s mouth fell open. “Are you suggesting we spend the entire weekend on this?”

“No, one night and day should be plenty.”

Dean gripped the edge of the lab table and grimaced. “You’re one of those overachievers aren’t you? You get all your homework done on Friday and do assignments a week in advance?”

Castiel smiled and handed the paper to Dean. “Sounds like you got me figured out partner.”

Dean took the paper with a snort. “Hardly.” Dean glanced over the paper. “But I thought Michael was coming home.”

Castiel’s slight smile fell. “He probably won’t be in until tomorrow and he won’t talk to me much anyway.”

“Why not?”

Castiel was silent a moment. His eyes followed a crack on the table. Blue eyes snapped back to Dean, “So, if we knock this out tonight we could have it done and I wouldn’t have to bother you again for a week. What do you say?”

Dean searched the blue eyes of the stranger in front of him. He really wanted to see something spark those eyes. Something that would make them sparkle in happiness or amusement. Something other than the guarded shadow he saw now. “Sounds good to me.”

Part 2:http://pelagia911.livejournal.com/5833.html


This hit me in all the right places, very fun to read. I'm so excited for more! (Thank you so much for writing a badass Cas, there needs to be more like this!)
Thanks. I agree. Cas is always a BAMF in my opinion.
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I'm glad you liked it. Next chapter should be soon.
I'm so intrigued by this story :) Castiel is so mysterious, and Dean is totally smitten haha

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Thanks, I like my characters with some secrets. More is coming soon.
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Because there is no link and no next entry arrow... so... yeah how does one find the next chapter like this, hm?
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I have links up for the next chapter now. Sorry about that.
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